Let’s Not Lose Focus


Dear Internet,
I know it’s been a while and I’m sorry for that.  I intended for our communication to be an informative one and not just for the shock value of CDA screen shots,  so I really only post when I feel I have something pressing to say and today is one of those days.  Unfortunately,  the stress that comes with the knowledge of what is happening to these kids,  combined with the feeling of powerlessness that comes with not being able to save them all, can bring about some unfortunate results within the community of those fighting these atrocities.  We are all so very passionate about putting an end to this,  yet sometimes we don’t see eye to eye on how best to accomplish that goal.  This divide has the potential to be the very thing that allows Ms. Rivera and her ilk to win this,  but only if we let it. 

You see, Internet,  half of us are constantly in the public eye.  Half us put ourselves out there,  day in and day out,  making ourselves targets for those that wish to silence us.  Half of us will do anything we can,  say anything we can to shine a light on the discussing and abusive practices that are advocated by the likes of Kerry Rivera and her merry band of misfits. This in your face style led half of us to focus on one such misfit,  a woman by the name of Amanda Mary Jewell. Ms. Jewell is distributor and supporter of Gcmaf ans MMS. She has made a ton of money taking advantage of disabled and ill children and adults.  She is not a scientist and has a background in adult entertainment, a fact that was recently made public on another site. This revelation has had widespread consequences because ultimately,  her career in adult entertainment is irrelevant to the discussion of CD/MMS and as such, focusing on it discredits our efforts. It discredits them so much so that Autism Daily Newscast has issued and embargo on all outside submissions pertaining to CD/MMS or Gcmaf. You can read more about that here. Half of us stand behind them in this decision and half of us do not. Personally,  I think that focusing on her past was not the right thing to do, but I also think that these things happen and it is time to move on.

As for the other half of us, that half remains largely in shadows. That half has many balls in the air and many projects going on, but they keep it close to the vest because of the nature of what they are trying to accomplish. This is the half that is in constant contact with law makers, government officials, and federal investigators. This half doesn’t want nor need to be in the public eye to accomplish their tasks. In fact, going into the eye, at this point, would be counter productive, but don’t be fooled, Internet,  that doesn’t mean they aren’t hard at work.

Now, ultimately, these two halves need each other. They are two halves of the same whole and without the other, they are incomplete.  It’s time we stop the bickering and the finger pointing and remember why we are here and what our ultimate goal is. We need to lay down our swords and come together because until we do, more kids will suffer. Kids like this poor sweet


heart here:


And this one:


And this one:

Our cause needs those brave enough to be front and center, as well as those brave enough to go up against governments. What it doesn’t need is us focusing our venom on one another rather than the real enemy. Let’s not lose focus here. If we do , Rivera wins.  

Until Next Time,
No More Bleach

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