Vaccines & Measles: More Lies From CD Autism

Dear Internet,
There are currently two vaccine related posts on the CD Autism Facebook page,  so I thought this would be a good time to address some of the falsehoods being propegated over there.  The first was this gem,  that surfaces now again, whenever someone uniformed about how vaccine inserts work wants to confuse the situation further.


First,  I think it’s important to point out that Tripedia is no longer on the market.  It was discontinued in 2011. However,  the antivax community likes to point to this as “proof” that the companies “know” their vaccines can cause autism.  The problem with this is that an “adverse event” is not the same as a side effect.  Ironically, the CD Autism group confuses the two even though when it comes to their own product,  they swear that the people that argue against using Chlorine Dioxide do so because they confuse “side effect” with “herxheimer reaction”. If you are interested in a good explanation of how the inserts work,  check this out.  While the antivax crowd is quick to point out this section of the insert,  they fail to highlight the most important statement on this page, which is found in the same paragraph.


Just because it is listed here doesn’t mean that the vaccine caused it.  Would you like to know what else is mentioned in the insert?


Motor vehicle accidents and drownings.

Adverse events are simply things that were reported either during the clinical trials or post approval. In the case of autism,  it was post approval, which means it is even less reliable than it would’ve been had it shown up during the trials.
The insert then goes on to direct people to VAERS where they can report any other adverse events that occur. The problem with VAERS though is that they can report any adverse event, such as turning into the Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman.

The second vaccine related post on CD Autism this week was this one :


While it is encouraging to see that at least one person in her family has a modicum of sense,  the comments that followed are enough to make you crazy.



These people are nuts,  but the last comment is particularly troubling,  because this is a blatant falsehood being made to look like truth by the presence of links.  Let’s take a closer look at what that last person said:


Oh boy.  See, this sort of thing really gets me fired up because it is an outright lie being stated as truth for the sole purpose of deceiving people.

This blog has some great info in the comments section. Science Mom does a really good job of giving specific links and explaining what they all mean. 


She goes on to provide several links to show that she is correct about this. You can find them in the comments section by following the above link.  One of them, from the Journal of General Virology, states the following:


Which essentially means this (for our meme loving antivax friends):


Finally,  I would like to leave you with something else the CD Autism crowd sees as the ultimate proof,  some testimonials.  Take the time to read about the Parents Who Regret Not Vaccinating. Their stories are heartbreaking.

Until next time,



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