Kerri Rivera’s Bizarre Participation On The CD Autism Facebook Page

Dear Internet,

There was an interesting post on the CD Autism Facebook page today.  A mom who isn’t seeing any results from following Kerri Rivera’s protocol tried reaching out to her via Facebook for some help.  Here is how it went:


Simple enough,  right? Ms. Rivera even took the time to answer:


However, despite this, the OP had still not heard back:


(I have an idea on how she can move forward,  she could stop giving her kid chlorine dioxide, but she didn’t ask me.) Finally,  Ms. Rivera responded again.


Wait,  what? “Did I respond yet”?! How does she not know?  Isn’t she Kerri Rivera? Or is she just someone pretending to be Kerri Rivera? And if it was in fact Ms. Rivera, how many emails about nonresponders does she get in one day that she can’t be certain whether or not she responded to this particular poster?

I decided to take a deeper look into Rivera’s responses and what I found was interesting.  Take this question,  for example:


Apparently,  you can activate the MMS with citric acid or hydrochloric acid. This question is asking about the former,  rather than the latter. This seems pretty straight forward.  Surely,  the guru herself would know the answer to this, but you might be surprised. Rather than answer the question on her own,  she tags two of her admin, one of whom responds in her place.


This, again, leaves me wondering if it really is Kerri Rivera responding,  or if one of her groupies have taken up the reins to better Kerri’s image.  Either way,  Ms. Rivera is not looking so good.

When someone asked about how many enemas could safely be done in one day,  she provided a total non-answer:


Rather than give this mom a straight answer (because those cost money), she told some irrelevant story of a mom giving her child an enema on school grounds. Yikes.

Speaking of money,  Kerri Rivera won’t even confirm your consult until you’ve paid her, but wants you to believe it is the real doctors that are only after your wallet.


By the way,  that new credential she’s flashing, “D.Hom” simply means she has a basic degree in homeopathy and it isn’t even a Masters Degree because those folks use M.Hom.

Another poster inquired about finding a clinic that supports CD/MMS and Ms. Rivera shared her keen insight there as well:



Awesome.  Fortunately for her (horrifying for us) others were able to step up here:


Here are some more examples of not-a-doctor Rivera’s “expert” opinions on things like:



Spitting and drooling:


The maximum amount of chlorine dioxide “double doses” one should give in a day:


That last one should really scare the crap out of you, Internet. There is no maximum dose.  Just keep giving them the bleach until they quit doing whatever it is they were doing that made you think industrial bleach was your best option.

I was going to add a few more,  but I really think that last bit of insight is where we need to leave things for now.  Those of us that cringe when antivaxxers speak of the “dangerous” things in vaccines find ourselves repeating, over and over,  that it is the dose that makes the poison.  But,  even if we afford the bleach people that same courtesy,  it really wouldn’t matter.  As you can see,  there really is no specified dose nor overdose, and if that is the case,  how is one to know when they’ve given their child too much? I really don’t want to think about where that line might be.

Until Next Time,

PS – I know I already signed off, but as soon as I did, I found this gem:

And the reply:

Ummm, well, she can tell you, but only for $100 an hour.


4 thoughts on “Kerri Rivera’s Bizarre Participation On The CD Autism Facebook Page

  1. ken Damasceno January 19, 2015 / 7:37 pm

    9 hrs

    Hi Kerri,

    I want to share some exciting news after finishing 6 months on CD. smile emoticon

    We started CD on 7/12/2014 for my son with an ATEC of 53 and today after 6 months CD & 4 PP’s (4th one will finish in a couple of days), we are down to an ATEC of 24!!

    It’s very exciting how much he is able to interact now. His language has improved (with up to 15 word sentences), his communications are way better and he is learning a completely new language (Spanish) all by himself! His curiosity is growing and affection / emotions are getting stronger. He’s becoming more social and will engage himself in peer play. I am getting addicted to so many positive remarks from his teachers


    • nomorebleach January 19, 2015 / 7:41 pm

      Oh goody, another “testimonial”. Dogs someone count all 15 of those words in his 15 word sentence? And was it the CD that taught him Spanish? I don’t even know where to begin with this one because it reads like satire.


    • nomorebleach January 19, 2015 / 7:46 pm

      By the way, Ken, Keith, Randy, whatever… While I see you changed your email address, your ip is still the same. Why are you so afraid of posting under the same screen name?


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