Kerri Rivera’s Response To #163

Dear Internet,

Since I last wrote,  Ms. Rivera and her sister,  Ms. McDaniel have issued an apology to their followers regarding the publishing of a fake cure story.  As expected,  they tried to spin it to make themselves look like caring,  loving people being targeted by evil,  vicious liars. Take a look:


This was posted from Ms. McDaniel’s page,  but Ms. Rivera popped in for a comment too:


Ms. Rivera tries to make the point that they shared this information with everyone as soon as they learned it wasn’t true,  but that very statement is contradicted in the original post.  They didn’t come clean as soon as they found out.  They came clean after two blog posts were written about it and everyone that commented on the original cure story was privately messaged with the truth.  This wasn’t an altruistic mea culpa, this was damage control.  It is also important to note that they still aren’t being 100% honest regarding this issue. The CD Autism web page  still claims that there are 163 cured.


So,  while they did change it back in the closed Facebook group,  to save face,  they feel that those checking out the site itself don’t warrant the same amount of truthfulness.

The comments section of their post was just as nauseating,  if not more so, than the original:




That last comment makes an interesting point: “Lies and deceit have been used by the enemies of the truth since the beginning of the world.  That is all they have since truth only causes what is good to show more brightly.  Truth exposes evil,  so continue to do what is right for your families”. It is truly ironic, given the fact that these people just love to lie.

I have had one of them comment on a few of my pieces under the handles “Keith Hudson MD” and “Keith Short MD”. Interestingly enough,  both of these esteemed doctors use the same email address and have the same ip address:



It’s also odd that Dr. Hudson leads with “I spent years in the marine biology research field” instead of “I’m a medical doctor”, which would have had more bearing on this conversation.  Of course, this way,  these two Keiths can make it appear as though they are doctors,  without ever really saying so. 

Then we have the curious case of Fiona O’Leary. Fiona is an advocate for neurodiversity.  She is also on the spectrum,  which gives her unique insight to all of this.  Some believe I am actually Fiona, but I’m not.  I’ve never even met her,  but I have had the pleasure of interacting with her online from time to time.  A few days ago,  a “Fiona O’Leary” commented on my Twitter feed. I was eager to see what she had to say but when I went to check out her page,  this is what I found:


This is not the Fiona O’Leary I know.  This is someone from CD Autism trying to discredit Fiona through lies and deceit because,  as our friend from the last comment so kindly pointed out,  “it’s all they have. ” This person did get one thing right though, he or she is definitely a “filthy liar”. If you are interested in hearing from the real Fiona O’Leary, check this out:
http:// She’s great.

Finally,  Internet,  I wanted to leave you with one last thought from the comments section of Ms. Rivera’s ridiculous attempt at an apology. I excluded it from those above because it really has nothing to do with the fake recovery,  but did raise an interesting conflict of logic.


Aside from the fact that the bleach people think that the anti-bleach people are trolls, let’s think about this: If autism is truly “Avoidable, Treatable, and Curable” as these people believe (because it is caused by vaccine induced pathogens) then how on earth could there be a screener for it,  like the test for downs? Downs is a disorder caused by genetics, right?  Surely they can’t think the same about autism, can they? But, that’s another topic for another day,  I suppose.  So with that,  I will be signing off. Thanks for being there,  internet.

Until next time,

5 thoughts on “Kerri Rivera’s Response To #163

  1. Joan A Gordon January 16, 2015 / 9:06 pm

    keep fighting! these folks are abusing innocent defenseless children ! I share your posts with the pro Science, anti vaxx crowd.And you are so spot on re their reaction to a pre natal screening test for autism.

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  2. louveha January 19, 2015 / 8:42 am

    … It is sad that these people don’t understand the necessity to rigorously check testimonies and to complete them with clinical trials.
    As surprising as it is, you can be intelligent, honest, motivated to help your child… and still be in error when evaluating the efficacy of a treatment.
    The example of bloodletting is pretty illustrative :
    So, it’s not a matter of lack of trust in patients ; it is that we discovered that mistakes and inaccuracies were unavoidable if you only rely on testimonies.
    That’s why, yes, I am shocked that Rivera & co didn’t put in place any kind of clinical trial before spreading their treatment. And now we know that they don’t even keep close tabs on the testimonies they use as argument ; so they don’t even qualify as case studies.

    On the matter of MMS opponents not criticizing prenatal testing :

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