163 Children Healed From Autism? Nope.

Dear Internet,

The bleach people claim they gave healed 163 kids from autism,  but have they really? After spending months in their forum,  you begin to wonder. Every so often,  a new story pops up and the bleach people rejoice.  The latest was #163 from France:


As it turns out, there is no #163. This child, the one who was miraculously healed,  does not exist.  This story was fabricated by someone questioning the authenticity of Kerri Rivera’s claims.  As suspected,  Ms. Rivera took credit and used this story as further “proof” that CD can cure autism.  You can read the entire account of how this went down here:

And when you’re finished,  share it with your friends. These kids are being abused and the parents are being lied to.  Kerri Rivera belongs in jail, along with anyone else recklessly promoting this dangerous snake oil.

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19 thoughts on “163 Children Healed From Autism? Nope.

  1. fiona January 13, 2015 / 1:17 am

    Well now Miss Rivera what have you got to say for yourself? You evil witch!


  2. Keith Hudson January 13, 2015 / 5:15 am

    It is really incredible that someone takes all of this time to try to convince people a protocol that is and has literally helped thousands of kids is bad. Injecting a vaccination into a kid that has 50 times more mercury in it than what is considered toxic seems to be ok with the somewhat intelligent moderator here.
    This link is injuries paid for by the US Gov for 1 year of Flu vaccines. There many cases like this.

    CD has killed or injured no one. You have to ask your self what is wrong with this picture. I really think the people that are fighting so hard to convince you that CD is so bad have in fact done just the reverse. Now here is the shocker for everyone. There are several clinics and doctors in several countries using CD to treat Autism. Yes even in the USA there are clinics doing this. I repeat, There are clinics in the USA and around the world treating Autistic kids with CD….How is it possible they can do that. Do your research. CD was approved and tested for use in 1984-5. Yes for use by humans. The EPA and CDC did it. Oh no now what are you going to do. Delete this post of course.

    Keith Hudson MD

    Good Try Mate.


    • nomorebleach January 13, 2015 / 5:07 pm

      We both know you’re not an MD, mate. That aside, could you please supply links to anything you claim? I would be more than happy to take a look. Mercury is no longer used in vaccines, with the exception of Thermosil in the multi dose flu vaccine. I try not claim anything I cannot back up and I would be more than happy to comment on what you have written in more depth, but I’m going to need sources being Health Impact News.


      • Keith Hudson January 13, 2015 / 9:15 pm

        If you try not to post anything you cannot back up then why is the do you call your site no more bleach. You cannot prove this. Is H2O hydrogen. Based on your logic it is. You really know nothing about Chemical Equations. If you are willing to spend 1500.00 dollars on a plane ticket to meet me face to face in my Lab I am more than happy to give you my location and identity. You seem quite obsessed with this fact of MD. One day you will find yourself. But until then continue with the bashing of people that are actually doing some good in the world. So here is what Cd is for the last time. Please read it and try to dispute it in a scientific manner. G Day…. Keith Hudson MD

        An explanation of Chlorine Dioxide
        The Science behind Chlorine Dioxide The Most Plausible Explanation so Far
        Pathogens (disease-causing microorganisms) generate waste material that is poisonous and creates the symptoms of whatever disease the pathogen causes. In nature, these poisons are mostly negatively charged – have a negative Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP). Further, the oxidization potential of chlorine dioxide is positive — it has to be in order for ClO2 to do any oxidizing. The negative charge is attracted to the positive charge of the ClO2 and this kills the pathogen. Of course, the good bacteria make no poisons and have no negative charge.
        As far as heavy metal compounds are concerned, their chemistry allows them to be oxidized by ClO2. While ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and even oxygen, will oxidize the heavy metal compounds, they seldom get to where the metal compounds are. The compounds are doing their damage deep in the tissues of various body organs. These 3 oxidizers cannot penetrate deeply enough to reach them because they all have a tendency to oxidize some of the body cells or other body items before they arrive at the heavy metals.
        ■Chlorine dioxide does penetrate deeply into the tissues because it is not used up by oxidizing other things before reaching the metal compounds or pathogens. The fact that chlorine dioxide can reach deep into the tissues is proof that it does not oxidize body cells. Further proof is in the fact that hundreds of thousands of lives have been saved so far.Now you know half of the theory of chlorine dioxide. You know why it doesn’t damage the body. But why does it kill pathogens that are in the body? What is Oxidation and Why Does Oxidation Kill Pathogens?
        The first part of understanding oxidation is to understand that the electrons in matter are what hold the particles of matter together. Electrons hold all matter of the Universe together. When the electrons are removed from any substance, the substance flies apart and basically is destroyed. Another way of looking at electrons is that they are shells surrounding a molecule and holding it together.
        The oxidation potential talked about in the above paragraphs refers to the amount of electrical attraction that an oxidizer has to draw away the electrons holding another substance together. As you can probably imagine, the higher the millivolts, the greater the ability to draw away electrons.
        How Chlorine Oxidizes
        I should mention that some kinds of oxidation are a little more complex. For example when chlorine oxidizes a substance, we call it “chlorination.” The reason for this is that the electrons are rearranged in the substance being oxidized and the chlorine combines with that substance to create new substances. When chlorine is used, the new substances — in some cases, even in water purification systems — are cancer-causing.
        How Chlorine Dioxide Oxidizes
        Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) does not oxidize in that way. It draws all the electrons away and never combines with anything. It is destroyed in the process. Thus there is a “clean kill”, with the destroyed substance and the ClO2 leaving no new chemical compounds behind. So:
        ■Chlorine kills by creating new substances and chlorine dioxide completely destroys, leaving no new substances.The chemical formula for chlorine dioxide, ClO2, shows that it has one atom of chlorine, that’s the Cl, and two atoms of oxygen, that’s the O2.
        Chlorine dioxide is the weakest of the oxidizers that are used in the body. It has an oxidation potential of only 950 millivolts. When the electrons in a ClO2 molecule hold the chlorine atom and the two oxygen atoms together, the combination has a completely different character than either chlorine or oxygen atoms alone.
        The combination that we call a molecule has a need, or more precisely, a voltage, that will draw 5 electrons from certain other molecules. When the electrons are drawn away, these molecules fly apart. You might think that when a ClO2 molecule pulls over these electrons, they would strengthen its outer shell, but not so. Instead, they neutralize the ClO2 outer shell and that molecule also flies apart. The chlorine atom becomes a chloride (table salt) atom and the two oxygen atoms are discharged before they leave the shell so they just collect a molecule of carbon and become carbon dioxide. They can no longer do anything in the body and thus are breathed out.
        Oxidation Potential vs. Oxidation Capacity
        One of the amazing things about ClO2 is that its special construction gives it an unusually high oxidation capacity. The oxidation potential is weak, but the capacity is that it can draw away 5 electrons.
        ■Think of oxygen as a single-shot, large barrel, high powered rifle, and chlorine dioxide as a small-barrel hand-held machine gun.Each chlorine dioxide ion can draw away 5 electrons from any substance that it is able to oxidize, while oxygen can only draw 2 electrons. So one ClO2 ion can destroy up to 5 molecules. That’s more than any of the other oxidizers in the body. Amazingly, the only substances in the human body that it can oxidize are pathogens and poisonous chemical compounds which are usually heavy metal compounds. Remember, that’s because of the very low oxidation potential and the absence of any osmotic pressure exerted inward by chlorine dioxide on many cells.
        I should mention here that if you go to a very good university and talk to a chemistry professor you will find that there are still things concerning the ClO2 molecule that are not understood by chemical scientists. Most of it has been figured out, but not everything. There are a few places where things are still assumed, rather than known, even by the scientists.
        Some write-ups by inexperienced chemists state that the oxygen ions coming away from the chlorine dioxide molecule are nascent oxygen (extremely active oxygen), but that is not true. These oxygen ions have already been discharged, the same as the oxygen in carbon dioxide.
        ■If the nascent oxygen ion theory were correct, the oxidation potential would jump to 1300 millivolts and the damage to the body would be extensive.But the entire time that the chlorine dioxide ion is oxidizing a pathogen, the oxidation potential does not exceed 950 millivolts. As noted above, the ClO2 ion itself is destroyed in the oxidation action. If this entire paragraph was not true, most of the value of chlorine dioxide in industry would be lost.
        Chlorine Dioxide Oxidization Steps
        The chlorine dioxide oxidation proceeds as follows:
        ■The ClO2 ion first draws off a single electron from the pathogen;■That electron then comes over to the chlorine dioxide and instantly changes it to a sodium chlorite ion; and it begins to make a hole in the pathogen.■The ClO2 ion then draws 4 more electrons from the pathogen or the nearest other pathogen.■This completely destroys the sodium chlorite, leaving only sodium chloride (table salt), and two neutralized oxygen atoms that just become a part of the body’s water or part of CO2 to be breathed out of the body. This one chlorine dioxide molecule is responsible for destroying 5 molecules in the side of the pathogen.Of course it may take a few more molecules of chlorine dioxide to make the hole in the pathogen but that is what happens to destroy a pathogen. That makes it a clean kill because both items, the chlorine dioxide and the molecules in the side of the pathogen, are destroyed, leaving nothing behind except neutralized particles that simply wash out of the body –
        ■Except the dead pathogen with a hole in his side. That is what causes the Herxheimer reaction. The dead pathogens dump a certain amount of poison into the system and the system must get rid of it. Killing the pathogens too fast can cause too much poison to accumulate and thus create nausea.The same thing happens with heavy metal compounds except usually there is no Herxheimer reaction as they are completely neutralized.
        Killing Viruses
        You may wonder how ClO2 kills viruses, since they are thousands of times smaller than other organisms. It kills them in a different way than it kills other organisms. Both viruses and the entire body are constructed mostly of protein (and water). The body creates tens of thousands of special proteins for various jobs – it grows by forming proteins in organs and tissues such as muscles.
        Each body part requires a number of different proteins and viruses depend on some of these proteins for their growth. It so happens that these special proteins cannot form in the presence of chlorine dioxide – their formation is prevented by the oxidation electrical potential that chlorine dioxide exerts on its immediate environment. The chemical reaction prevents the growth of the special proteins that make up the viruses, and eventually when the virus cannot grow, it dies.
        Why Does Chlorine Dioxide Kill Only Pathogens and Poisons?
        By now you must wonder why pathogens are the only things that ClO2 can destroy. Well, ClO2 can probably destroy many things, but the only things in the body that it can destroy are pathogens. It just happens because of their nature that almost all pathogens, including bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and disease-causing parasites, have outer membranes (skins) that can be easily oxidized by chlorine dioxide.
        The fact is that ClO2 is extremely explosive to the outer membranes of these disease-causing microorganisms. When it is present in the same amounts as oxygen, it is much more effective than oxygen — not because it is a stronger oxidizer, but because it has a much larger oxidation capacity. It blows a hole in the outer layer of the pathogen, thus killing it, and there is no way to develop a resistance to chlorine dioxide’s action. This is true whether the ClO2 ion is acting independently or whether a white blood cell has carried it to the pathogen.


      • nomorebleach January 13, 2015 / 9:24 pm

        You have already posted this. I have never suggested that chlorine dioxide was chlorine, which is the only way your analogy would be true. In fact, I have gone as far as saying it isn’t the same as household bleach. I have posted plenty of information that would allow others to draw their own conclusions. I keep mentioning your lack of credentials because you feel the need to make them up. I know who you are because I am given that information when you respond. Since I am also a member of CD Autism, I am familiar with you. The general public doesn’t need to know who you, because I have more tact than that, but I want you to know that I know.


      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 15, 2015 / 8:11 pm

        The discussion of how MMS works is total gibberish to anyone with a real understanding of science.

        All the handwaving of potentials this and nascent that doesn’t really begin to cover the complete nonsense presented above.

        “Thus there is a “clean kill”, with the destroyed substance and the ClO2 leaving no new chemical compounds behind”

        What the hell are you talking about? Seriously? Somehow chlorine dioxide destroys all matter? Or leaves only elements and no compounds? Seriously, this is ABSOLUTE nonsense.

        And that’s just one random phrase taken from the above tirade of pseudoscience.

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      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 15, 2015 / 8:15 pm

        “Well, ClO2 can probably destroy many things, but the only things in the body that it can destroy are pathogens. It just happens because of their nature that almost all pathogens, including bacteria, molds, yeast, fungi, and disease-causing parasites, have outer membranes (skins) that can be easily oxidized by chlorine dioxide.”

        Geezus. You don’t even try to explain the idea that something is magically only toxic to “bad stuff” but leaves everything else in the body untouched (so the false claim goes).

        Just, they have “outer membranes”. Gee, good thing no cell in my body has an “outer membrane”. Or, is there something magical about the “outer membranes” that are part of me and those that are basically everything else?

        Answer, no.

        Fact of the matter is that people are giving bleach enemas to disabled kids and these enemas are dislodging the mucosal linings of their intestines. The children are passing these linings which are labeled “parasites” by charlatans.

        The fact that the MMS/CD or whatever new name you want to call it dislodges the mucosa tells us that it is actively harming human tissue.

        Facts trump pseudoscience gibberish. MMS is dangerous and abusive.

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      • nomorebleach January 15, 2015 / 8:21 pm

        Their answer to the “only kills bad things” debacle is that the bad things all have negative charges, because negative always means bad, and the rest is all positively charged. They claim the CD only does after negatively charged cell walls. The more you get into it, the crazier it sounds.

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      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 15, 2015 / 10:02 pm

        Yep, but they put up the wall of science-like text and that fools some people.

        Some of the people fooled are quite smart. Take JB Handley, who is now pushing this. Intelligent. And has been scammed before (he bought into chelation, for example). Now he’s pushing MMS. Even with the phrase “parasite protocol”.

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      • nomorebleach January 15, 2015 / 10:07 pm

        I agree. I don’t think these people are stupid and I certainly think there is a fair amount of cognitive dissonance at play. For these people to accept what others are saying would be to admit that they have been potentially causing serious harm to their kids. That is a tough pill to swallow, especially when some have already been convinced that they first poisoned their kids with vaccines.

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      • Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 15, 2015 / 10:08 pm

        As to the “ClO2 doesn’t harm tissues, only bad things” argument:


        The organic tissue dissolution properties of irrigating solutions are important for the success of endodontic treatment. Chlorine dioxide (ClO2) has been recently proposed as an irrigation solution in endodontics. The organic tissue dissolution property of sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl) is well-known and extensively investigated, but apparently no data have been published on tissue-dissolving properties of ClO2. The aim of this in vitro study was to compare organic tissue dissolution capacity of NaOCl and ClO2. In this study, 5.25% NaOCl, 13.8% ClO2, and, as a control, isotonic saline solutions (0.9% NaCl) were used. Thirty bovine pulp specimens were previously weighed and immersed for 20 minutes in each test solution (changing the solution every 2 minutes). The pulp specimens were then blotted dry and weighed again. The percentage of weight loss was calculated and statistically analyzed by using one-way analysis of variance and post hoc Tukey honestly significant difference tests. Saline solution did not dissolve the organic tissue. Both 5.25% NaOCl and 13.8% ClO2 dissolved the tissue pieces more effectively than saline control (P .05). Within the limitations of this in vitro study, it was concluded that ClO2 and NaOCl are equally efficient for dissolving organic tissue

        Reading the full paper, after 20 minutes in either sodium hypochlorite or ClO2, about 30% of the tissue was dissolved.

        They used pulp from the interior of cow teeth for their tissue specimens. I guess cow teeth are parasites or something?

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    • louveha January 15, 2015 / 8:52 am

      “CD has killed or injured no one. ”
      Oh. You should then tell this to the antipoison centers who alerted french sanitary authorities on intoxications.

      “CD was approved and tested for use in 1984-5. Yes for use by humans. The EPA and CDC did it.” I would also like to have more precisions on this matter.


    • louveha January 15, 2015 / 8:54 am

      You should also have no problem with providing info on clinical trials proving that MMS is useful for autism in particular.


    • Michelle January 15, 2015 / 9:39 pm

      Which doctors? Please name here so I can verify your claims. 162 cases ‘cured’ out of the thousands you claim it helps seems like pebbles in a pond. If it is so effective and widely used, why are the numbers of success so low?

      And…do you know anything about vaccines? Mercury has been out of vaccines for over 10 years. Therimosal has been out of vaccines, except the flu vaccine, for over 5 years. Recently, the past two flu shots, therimosal has not been used.

      Think. Learn. Stop being brainwashed.


  3. Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 14, 2015 / 8:30 pm

    Reblogged this on Left Brain Right Brain and commented:
    Nothing sells unproven “treatments” like testimonials. For autism it has been true since the days of chelation and even before that. Tell people that your “treatment” cures autism and you have testimonials to show it and you can just about guarantee sales.

    Such is the case with bleach. It’s called many things: MMS, CD, Chlorine Dioxide, parasite protocol. It’s all a scam. One which is easy to fall for, but a scam nonetheless.

    Point out that this “treatment” is nonsense and amounts to abuse and you get attacked for opposing treatment. You are told, “Yeah, what about those 162 kids who were cured?!?”

    Well, let’s meet MMS/CD success story number 163. It’s an amazing story. And fabricated. And Kerri Riviera, the woman most prominently pushing MMS/CD on the autism community, accepted it without any effort to corroborate the story. None.

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  4. Sullivan (Matt Carey) January 14, 2015 / 8:34 pm

    Reblogged at LeftBrainRightBrain.co.uk.

    Kerri Riviera was in to chelation big time in the past. Even going into IV chelation. Apparently she learned a lot about the marketing from that experience. As you note, the biggest selling point is the testimonial. “You say my understanding of the science is lacking? I’ve cured kids!”

    Beyond the defense aspect, the testimonial is an extremely compelling lure for parents. It’s easy to fall for these scams. Don’t ever make the mistake of thinking that one lacks intelligence if one is fooled. Very smart people have been fooled by chelation and, now, by MMS.


  5. amandaquirky April 8, 2015 / 10:15 pm

    Reblogged this on AmandaQuirky and commented:
    For my babies, who are perfect just as they are, inside and out (but won’t be, if I start giving them bleach enemas…):


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