Proof That CD Is Safe?

Dear Internet,

It looks like I’ve really upset some of Humble & Rivera’s flock. A couple of them were on the other posts throwing out links and research as “proof” that CD/ MMS is safe, but rather than convince me of anything,  it just made me even more concerned for the poor kids subjected to this “treatment”. When the research fell apart,  they resorted to saying I was a “pharma troll” being paid to write this. To that,  I will say that everything I post,  I post for free. I am not,  nor have I ever been,  an employee or affiliate of any association that falls under the umbrella of big pharma. I’m just a parent concerned for the well being of kids exposed to this sort of abusive treatment. But as such,  I truly did have an interest in reading what these crazy bleach people were throwing at me, so I read them, and now,  I want to share them with you.

The first was a delightful lady by the name of Clair.  Clair had this to say:


Clair submitted a link to this article regarding Army researchers using CD in the fight against Ebola.  Here is the first paragraph: (the entire article can be found by clicking the link above)


Right away,  you can see that this article is completely irrelevant with regards to this particular protocol. I am not denying that CD is a powerful biocide. It is excellent in that regard,  but being a safe and useful surface cleaner doesn’t mean is it safe for consumption at the levels being recommended. Let’s continue.

The next section,  only serves to reiterate that they are discussing the use of CD as a powerful biocide when used on surfaces and the sterilization of medical equipment,  which is great news for the fight against Ebola, but says nothing in regards to this fight to “cure” autism and it proves nothing regarding the safety of this protocol. See for yourself:


Again,  this is about surfaces and equipment,  not consumption. You can read the rest for yourself,  because I have more links to explore and want to keep moving.

Up next,  we have Macaddict08.


He submitted two links,  but one was actually the study that was used as the basis for a more lay-friendly article. Both can be read by clicking the links and as in Clair’s attempt at “proof”, both are about the use of CD as a surface disinfectant,  not an orally administerd “cure-all”. My favorite from Macaddict was this next one:


The “….” between his claims are awesome because I read it in my head the way kids sound when you know they are full of it.  “No, mom….I didn’t spill the milk… It was the cat… Yeah… He just came running through…” Sure, buddy. I believe you.  However,  the link he submitted was legitimate enough.  Like I said,  though,  it was the study report used for the first article,  so we can treat them as one.


It is important to note that not only was it being treated as a disinfectant,  it was being treated at only 100ppm for only 15 seconds. Remember, Ms. River’s protocol calls for the oral ingestion of at least 8 ounces at at least 3000ppm. So again,  these really don’t apply.

This whole thing really scares me,  Internet.  These people really seem to believe that these articles are proof and that the only reason I can’t see it is because I’m being paid by the pharmaceutical companies not to see it.  This is where you can help,  Internet.  What do you think? Did these convince you?  They sure didn’t convince me. 

Until next time,


5 thoughts on “Proof That CD Is Safe?

  1. Lisa January 4, 2015 / 2:45 am

    Excellent job!


  2. rix February 12, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    Now why don’t you show proof that it is harmful? Since you do not wish to believe all those moms out there that say their kids are getting better on those Facebook pages and other groups discussing this subject, why not show all those kids dying or being bleached to death?

    The reason is that this is not the case. Now 7+ years into this MMS and Chlorine Dioxide debate, more and more keep coming out with favorable reports while those like yourself only base your comments on CL02 being like drinking Chlorox, which is something completely different.

    Demonizing moms who only want to get their kids well is not time well spent. If you are paranoid, don’t do it. But many are getting no relief from the medical establishment and are expressing elation that their kids are showing remarkable improvement with these other methods.

    I’ve spent the day reading all kinds of scientific papers and trials on CL02 and it does not support your argument on being detrimental. Like anything else, I would imagine you could drink too much or not have it diluted enough. But then, it has been proven that if you drink too much of anything (including water) that it can be harmful.


    • nomorebleach February 12, 2015 / 7:05 pm

      There is plenty of proof that it is harmful. Keep reading. Death isn’t the only harmful thing out there. I have not once said CD was Clorox. As an adult, if you choose to use this on yourself, so be it. You are fully aware of how it makes you feel. Using it in a child that is likely unable to communicate any distress and forcing them to undergo traumatizing, multiple, daily enemas is abuse. Plain and simple.

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  3. Margarita September 28, 2015 / 5:49 pm

    You are very wrong, Any proper chemist would tell you that Chlorine dioxide is not bleach. They both contain Cl in their composition but so does TABLE SALT and other things. The fact that disinfects doesn’t make it bleach either. Oxygen and Hydrogen peroxide also, disinfect, whiten and are powerful oxidizers. I bet you would also called them bleach. The body, to kill pathogens, creates and uses powerful oxidizers like Calcium Hypochlorite for example. I imagine you would also persecute that if it was said you can buy it to heal diseases because it has de Chorite word on it. I am so sorry to see that you have spent so much time persecuting something that is so extremely helpful in healing. You don’t offend me, I just see your profound ignorance and close-mindedness here. It’s quite pathetic actually. Are you really saying and believing that the thousands of people who have used mms to heal themselves and the parents who have recovered their kids from autism with it out there are liars? Why would they lie? Just because for some reason it’s hard to believe for you doesn’t make it false, my friend. That is extremely arrogant. Jesus was killed by those who didn’t believe also. Don’t confuse some healthy skepticism with close mindedness, or fear, or arrogance. Do you think that people (like me) who have used mms to actually heal serious diseases (and don’t sell this or have any interests) are idiots to be taking it or would be giving their beloved children harmful products? Our positive experiences of healing difficult diseases are not real just because your mind decides that it simply can’t be? More ignorance/arrogance. I suggest that instead of trying to destroy something that you SUSPECT to be something so bad, you have more humility and try to get in touch with one of those parents who has recovered their child from autism and hear their story. Or one of those people who were diagnosed with cancer or whatever and healed with it. Healthy skepticism would make you want to hear first hand from testimonials. Refusing to believe without that is called closed mindedness and is the furthest thing from being scientific and truthful. Contact some of those people, hear and check their cases. Most have all proper medical diagnoses and their proofs of healing. If you knew what interests are behind not wanting to let people know that this works my friend…., that is the truly UNBELIEVABLE thing here. God bless you.


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