Step One: The Diet

Ok, Internet,  I was going to get into the schedule of CD/MMS, but instead,  I will address the diet.  It is the first section of Rivera’s book that isn’t about Rivera. Now,  I’m not a nutritionist,  so I won’t get into the specifics of whether or not autistic kids benefit from a modified diet.  Instead,  I’d like to focus on one section of the diet – the lack of vitamin C. Here is a list of banned foods:



(Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism p. 52-53)

It seems ok, right?  Not too consuming? However,  if you see certain behaviors,  the list becomes more restrictive.


(Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism p. 63)
The book explains it this way:


(Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism p. 88)

However, as one member points out,  it is good to have some OJ on hand,  just incase you accidently overdose your child.


The problem with cutting vitamin C out of the diet,  as any pirate knows,  is scurvy.  If these parents think having a child with autism is tough,  they’re in for quite a surprise when they realize that they now have a child with autism and scurvy.

The symptoms of scurvy are:


All of these,  coincidently,  are the same symptoms that Ms. Rivera includes in her “herx” reaction,  that she insists isn’t a side effect,  but rather a sign that her protocol is working. 


(Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism p. 90)

So then,  how does one know if their child is showing a side effect,  a “herx” reaction,  or scurvy? Who knows.  As you can see,  Ms. Rivera isn’t even sure about how it all works,  but then,  that is to be expected from someone who is neither a doctor,  a nutritionist,  nor a chemist.  Here,  the guru herself answers a question about whether or not apple cider vinegar is acceptable:


Thanks for your insight,  Ms. Rivera!

Remember,  Internet…
Vitamin C = bad  Bleach = good
Autism = bad Scurvy = good

Until next time,  mateys,


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