Bleach enemas anyone? *graphic*

Dear Internet,
This whole chlorine dioxide thing really makes my head spin. Apparently,  they mix a batch of CD in the morning. The amount of CD in the water varies depending on body weight and length of time on the protocol.  Ms. Rivera has several handy charts in her book,  like this one explaining what goes into the making of CD.

(Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism p. 91)

Easy peasy, right?  Not quite.  First of all,  does anyone remember high school chemistry? Hydrochloric acid is pretty corrosive stuff.  This isn’t being mixed by trained chemists.  This is being mixed by people who believe vaccines trigger the growth of worms so huge that they are often referred to as snakes. It is also a very volatile gas and can explode under the right circumstances.

Initially,  one drop of CD is mixed into 8 ounces of water and then dosed orally at one once every hour for 8 hours. Thus,  the child is getting 1/8 of a drop with each dose.  The dosage is then increased gradually until they reach the maximum dosage for the child’s weight. 


(Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism p.101)

The problem here is that the amount of CD being used is way over the recommended amount for water purification. Another issue is that if the child acts up in anyway,  the dosage is doubled.


(Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism p.103)

Really? If the child wakes up,  give them more bleach? They can’t be serious.

Once you get the hang of the oral doses,  they add in the enemas. They add CD to these as well,  above and beyond what is given orally.  Like the oral guidelines,  if there are behavior problems,  typical of autism,  they are encouraged to give more enemas.  They love their enemas.  This is probably the most horrifying thing about this protocol. 


(Healing the Symptoms Known As Autism p.105)

Ms. Rivera advocates on behalf of 4 enemas a day.  Are you kidding me? Even pro-enema pages warn of the dangers of daily enemas and if daily enemas can be harmful,  how harmful could 4 a day be? 
Ms.  Rivera has another handy dandy chart outlining the amount of CD to be used during the enemas.


(Healing The Symptoms Known As Autism p.109)

That’s a whole lot bleach.

The most disturbing part of this whole thing (as if it could get worse), is that they fish out what is expelled during the enemas and they post it to FB. Then,  the other members praise then on their efforts and marvel at the size of the “snakes” they caught.  However,  what is really happening is that the bleach causes the kids to shed their intestinal linings. 

****Graphic Content Warning****





Disgusting,  isn’t it?
There is evidence of the harm being done all over the board,  but these parents just remind each other to “keep calm and dose on”. It’s enough to make you question humanity.  Perhaps the most heart breaking story is that of 4 year old twins who hadn’t had a bowl movement in over a week. 


The comments are equally horrifying. Fortunately,  though,  CPS got involved with this one.


Unfortunately,  however,  we also learn that some members opt to give their kids powerful benzodiazepines to make them compliant.


So there you have it,  Internet – The disgusting truth about the enemas. I think we have had enough poop for the day,  so I’m going to sign off. 
Until next time,


2 thoughts on “Bleach enemas anyone? *graphic*

  1. calliarcale January 15, 2015 / 7:24 pm

    Oh geez…… Refused Miralax but is happy giving *this stuff* to her kids? Miralax is about the most benign laxative ever invented, and less uncomfortable to the patient than the only one that’s more benign: the glycerin suppository (which at least they do seem willing to try, though not without dressing it up in coconut oil for no discernible reason — seriously, that’s like greasing butter).


  2. Michelle January 16, 2015 / 1:36 am

    I honestly don’t think people know how volatile what they are shoving down throats and shoving up little bums really is.


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