Intro to CD/MMS: The Poisoning of Autistic Children

Dear Internet,

People are forcing their kids to injest bleach because they think it will cure Autism. It’s horrifying,  abusive,  and I need your help to stop it.  I have seen you do great things and I know you can help me with this.  Together,  Internet,  you and I can put a stop to the systematic poisoning of thousands of special needs children and adults.

Ok,  I’m sure you’re wondering how I came about this information  right? Well,  it all started when curiosity got the better of me and I asked to join a closed group on Facebook called CD Autism. I had to go through a short Q&A session,  but thankfully (I guess) it wasn’t too intense.

I had heard that people were giving their kids bleach to cure autism and I wanted a better understanding of what it was I seeing being protested in various autism support groups.  I was praying it wasn’t as bad as I was interpreting it to be,  but sadly it was worse.  So. Much. Worse.

CD Autism fancies itself a “book club” but what it really is would make even the most iron-stomached individual queasy. As you can see, there are over 7000 people in this group, a fact that weighs heavily as the reality of what happens here sinks in.


The book being “studied” here is Healing The Symptoms Known as Autism,  by Kerri Rivera. Rivera, who is not a doctor,  outlines a rigorous protocol in this book that involves a strict diet,  hourly ingestion of Chlorine Dioxide,  aka CD, daily CD enemas,  CD baths,  as well as baths in salt, consumption of Ocean Water (OW) and the recent addition of a parasite protocol,  to rid the body of various “worms” such as the beastly (and imaginary) “rope worm”. Rivera gives a pretty unconvincing explanation for the lack of medical literature on that “worms” in her book. Specifically,  she is of the opinion that only veterinarians are qualified to find these parasites.


(Healing the Symptoms Known as Autism p. 345)

Someone on the CD Autism page questioned why her child’s doctor was unable to find these parasites during a recent pill cam and one member gave her an even more unbelievable explanation.


… and 42 people liked it.  You see,  Internet,  this is what happens when anti vaxxers are left unchecked; some of them start giving their kids bleach, because that is so much better for them than the dangerous chemicals in vaccines.  (Sarcasm)

If you would like to read more about Rivera’s questionable credentials,  be my guest.  You can also get a copy of her book here.

Kerri Rivera claims they have “recovered” 159 children from autism by sticking to this protocol. They base this off of results from the ATEC, a checklist that can be accessed by anyone at anytime.  It has little validity,  but is regarded as the final word in autism diagnostics by Ms. Rivera and her followers.


As you can see,  they utilize Chlorine Dioxide,  but have chosen to use the description “inexpensive, broad spectrum, gentle, anti-pathogenic” rather than “industrial bleach”, the phrase used by the FDA to describe it. 

In fact,  the FDA feels so strongly about this that they are trying prosecute a man caught bringing it into the country.  The MMS supporters are losing their minds.  Here,  they can be seen questioning these ‘scary’ and ‘sad’ times in which we live.

Ironic,  isn’t it?

Of course,  since this treatment is considered dangerous by the FDA, the group is very aware that they could be investigated by CPS for following it.  Therefore,  one of the admins posted a PSA to help the members avoid potential hassles with the law.  Following his post,  several members added some extra pointers.  Note how they call people who are against this for of treatment (abuse) “trolls” and advise that important information such as giving your child bleach should be withheld from other caregivers.



Do you see why this is important,  Internet? I haven’t even gotten into the specifics of the protocol and already,  we have subterfuge to avoid legal ramifications and a Federal trial.  I know this is a lot to absorb,  so I will be signing off for the evening,  but rest assured,  Internet,  tomorrow we will learn all about the protocol,  from those that know it best – its users.

Until then,


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